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Spring Specials
 March 1 - June 1


$99 CBD Soothing Facial  (70 min)

When applied to the skin, CBD acts as an optimizer, amplifying the beneficial active ingredients of other products and allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin.  It's especially good for people with eczema, acne, rosacea, and any sensitive skin. CBD is rich in essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture, and reduces puffiness. Includes face, neck, and decollete with LED treatment.




$120 BioRePeel Introductory Offer

The synergy of the individual components of BioRePeelCl3® BLUE restore the optimal physiological conditions of the skin making the product more than a classic cosmetic peel but a complete aesthetic treatment, ideal for any cosmetic need thanks to its exfoliating, beautifying and moisturizing action. BioRePeelCl3® BLUE contains 30% Trichloroacetic Acid enhanced by an innovative and functional mixture of α-hydroxyacids, β-hydroxyacids, poly-hydroxyacids, amino acids and vitamins.

$145 Biorevitalization Treatment*

Introductory Offer 


A revolution in skin bio-revitalisation PRX-T33® will leave your skin feeling firmer, tighter, lifted and with an enviable glowing appearance. It is a skin rejuvenator and biostimulator that is unique. It is not a peel, nor is it an injectable but a gel that, applied with a specific technique, provides immediate aesthetics improvement and deep hydration. It is in the same category as a medical peel and benefits from the same results, however, with this treatment you do not peel so there is no downtime.

Due to the unique composition of PRX-T33®, the solution very quickly, almost instantly penetrates the dermis, activates all the processes of skin regeneration/renewal, however, does not damage the epidermis at all.

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