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Winter Specials
January 1 - March 1


$120 Hydrofacial (90 min) or

$80 Express Hydrofacial (35min)

Rather than blasting the skin with grit via traditional dermabrasion, this gentler approach vacuums out pores while simultaneously pushing in potent actives that moisturize, brighten, plump, and protect. The machine's handpiece holds patented spiralized treatment tips equipped with "vortex technology" — the whirling force that both giveth and taketh away.




$99 Chemical Peels

A chemical peel can be used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. It can be used to help fight acne, pigmentation, and fight the signs of aging. I will custom

ize the right peel specifically suited for your skin needs. Includes a take home skin care products to help take care of your skin post-peel.

*all chemical peels require a 24 hour in advance patch test

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