Monthly Specials

Pomegranate Holiday

 Enzyme Facial

$55 (55 min)

 This holiday season, treat your skin to a Pomegranate Holiday Facial.  Pomegranate provides the perfect comforting warmth and aroma while leaving skin smooth and bright.  Witch hazel calms skin from the harsh effects of winter weather and yogurt moisturizes to soothe dryness. 
This blend of pomegranates, goji berries and yogurt creates the perfect potion for all skin types.  A blend of lactic and salicylic acid dissolves dead skin cells revealing a soft complexion.  Witch hazel improves skin tone and calms the skin while pomegranate enzyme brings the skin back to life!

$45 Teen Facial

(45 min)

A teen facials are designed to address breakouts associated with adolescent skin. For clients 18 years and younger.  The facials come with a personalized skin care analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, gentle extractions,high frequency treatment, and a calming but effective mask.


12001 Bella Italia Dr.  Ste 200

Benbrook, TX 76126

(located inside Forever 29 MedSpa)

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