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Botox Facial 

What is a BOTOX Facial? A new skin-rejuvenating technique that works to build collagen, give skin a major lift, plump wrinkles and dramatically increase (a much needed) skin glow with no downtime. This popular treatment is exactly what it sounds like: shallow injections of botulinum toxin straight to the face. Also known as Baby Botox, MesoBotox or Skin Botox, the treatment utilizes microneedles to deliver a dose of muscle-freezing neuromodulators (like Botox) to the upper layers of the skin only. This way Botox and other nutrients end up exactly where they are needed. By using Botox to primarily treat the skin, the muscles are not affected, so full facial muscle movement remains. Just like regular Botox injections, you see the visible changes of BOTOX Facial a few days after treatment. The results appear in full effect in about two weeks. Treatment may combine Botox with a personalized cocktail mixture of the highest quality brand name products containing hyaluronic acid, vitamins and peptides. The purpose is to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, make the skin appear smoother and overall brighter, keep pores tighter, banish breakouts, boost collagen production as well as promote overall skin elasticity and radiance. The valuable nutrients added to BOTOX Facials work to infuse the cocktail beneath the surface layer of the skin. The outcome is shrinking pores and decreasing oil production, improving skin tightening, giving your skin a plumper and younger appearance. A great example of an anti-aging cocktail mix will contain hyaluronic acid along with vitamins to build collagen and strengthen the skin, making it look radiant.

Botox Facial     $275

                   Series of 3      $660                         






 Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy uses the infusion of concentrated platelets harvested from the patient’s blood to accelerate healing in a specific area. It contains two elements – plasma, the liquid portion of the blood, and platelets. The platelets play a vital role in healing and contain growth factors that stimulate cell reproduction and tissue regeneration in the treated area. The patient’s blood is obtained through a simple blood draw and placed in a centrifuge to spin to create this platelet-rich plasma. The centrifuge is necessary to separate the platelets from the remainder of the blood and create a concentrate referred to as platelet rich plasma. Because the treatments use a patient’s own blood, PRP infusions are safe and can be administered alone or in conjunction with other procedures. PRP is a wonderful addition to microneedling. First, a microneedling tool is used to puncture the skin and make numerous holes in the skin’s surface. PRP is then applied to the skin’s surface and allowed to penetrate the holes created by microneedling. PRP can enhance collagen and elastin production in deeper skin levels. Microneedling with PRP effectively treats acne scars, surgical scars, wrinkles, and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, large pores, uneven skin texture irregularities, and it helps to decrease the appearance of stretch marks. The addition of PRP to microneedling produces superior results over microneedling alone.

PRP $500 

Series of 3 $1125

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